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10 Ways To Tell If He is Into You

January 17, 2017

10 Ways To Tell If He is Into You

Not all guys are open enough to tell you right away how they feel about you but most of the time body language does not lie. Some guys might be nervous about voicing those three little words to early in a relationship or they might be worried that if they say them you might back away or think he is insincere. Sometimes the best way to know is by how he acts when he is around you. If your guy does some of these things you can take that as a pretty good sign that he is into you. 
  1. His eyes light up when you walk in the room.
  2. He might take your coat or fuss over how you like your tea or coffee.
  3. He shows concern about your safety or ask you to call when you are safely home.
  4. He might want to show you off to friends or family.
  5. He does't mind a little PDA.
  6. He shows interest in what you like and wants to know what makes you tick.
  7. He sends you little messages throughout the day just to show you he is thinking about you. 
  8. When you kiss him his eyes might flutter or open wide for a moment. 
  9. He might slip in a little allude to how he feels while talking about something else. 
  10. He might bump into you accidentally or on purpose. 
Image from Unsplash / Averie Woodard
There is no normal time frame to expect declarations of love it all depends on when you are ready and the moment feels right. Some men might feel comfortable enough very quickly and some may take a very long time. Sometimes it is best to judge by his actions not by what he says. 

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