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Clever Things You Can Easily DIY For Your Wedding

October 24, 2016

Clever Things You Can Easily DIY For Your Wedding

Here are a few fun ideas you can DIY for your wedding that won't take too much time and can save you some money!

  • Invitations; You can easily make your own invitations by picking your favorite photo of the two of you or one from a engagement photo shoot then bringing it to a photo processor that has a scanning machine. many of these have great simple templates and will allow you to add your text to one side of the image then you can have them print as many copies as you like! 
  • Cupcakes Instead of a Big Cake: I found at most of the weddings I have attended is that most people don't eat the cake so one of the best ways to do it is cupcakes and better yet you can add a fun box and use it as the wedding favor then your guests can have their cake and eat it too! (So cheesy, I know!)
  • Placecards: One Idea I had after using the above cupcake Idea is to use the boxed cupcakes as a place-card as well.  
  • Hairpiece; you could try making your own hairpiece but I can give one caution on this one, that you make sure it is solidly put together! You would not want it to come apart during the ceremony! 
  • The Dress: Definitely this can save you a lot of money but if you are going to try this make sure you will be able to finish it well in advance of the wedding date in case you need to make repairs or you change your mind! Sometimes the easiest way to do this is to find a dress that is almost what you want and bring it to a seamstress that you trust to make the modifications. Remember a good seamstress will probably be booked out a few months in advance so leave plenty of time if you want to go with this option. 

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