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Bar Soap Beauty Routine

August 30, 2016

Bar Soap Beauty Routine

My favorite items in my beauty ritual are actually simple bar soaps. I have found that skin like everything else changes. Some days it is oily, some days, dry and sometimes even both at the same time. Because of this and the fact that I have extremely sensitive skin, I have found a regimen that works for me by using different soaps at different times or in different places. I use about 5 different types of bar soap. I use these because I have an allergy to SLS which the majority of soaps on the market contain. Bar soaps can be a less expensive way to get the cleansing capability needed without spending hundreds on expensive cleansers and then having to buy moisturizers on top of that to replace the moisture once it is cleansed away. I also don't use them all at once and I have a couple that I use to help with certain skin issues. I think that keeping skin balanced is the best way to clear up acne and keep away dry spots. One of the things I have always struggled with is keeping my rosecea in check and keeping the dry spots moisturized while keeping the oilly spots clean so I sometimes use a sort of spot cleaning method.

The bars in order from the image are: 

1. Nuetral Grisi (A basic no-SLS bar soap) 

     This one is a great basic soap that is not harsh on the skin and won't dry it out.

2. Dr. Ohira's Probiotic Soap

     This one I use to balance out my skin after I have done a deep cleanse or alternating with the black soap or the tea tree soap. 

3. Speik by Naturpflege (this one is mostly for its scent)

   This one I just love the scent so I use this one as an alternate to a deoderant soap. 

4. Shea Mosture's African Black Soap

   This one works great for clearing up acne or eczema and I usually alternate this with the probiotic soap in the areas where I break out most. 

5. Tea Tree Soap from Trader Joe's

   This one also works great for regulating problem areas between deep cleaning. 

These bar soaps can save a ton of money on otherwise expensive skincare routines! 

FYI This is only what works for me it may have different effects for different skintypes. If you give it a shot, I would love it if you would leave me a comment and let me know how it worked for you!

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