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Ideas for surprise marriage proposals!

December 18, 2015

Ideas for surprise marriage proposals!

If you want to your proposal to be a surprise but you also want to choose a ring she will love,
here are a few good tips: 
  • You can try getting her a few magazines that have rings in them and if she catches on she may leave you some hints.
  • Go shopping with her and ask her what she thinks of some of the styles.
  • If there is a jewelry store she  likes to stop at, go sometime when she is not with you and ask if she has a wishlist or if the sales people remember what she likes. 
  • Ask her Mother or best friend to find out for you!
  • Leave a jewelry website up on a browser tab then check your history!
  • The holidays can be a great time to get ideas without her guessing too much because you can ask her what she might think about a gift for someone else. 
    • If you want to get her ring size without her knowing, you can use another ring she wears if you can borrow it when she is not wearing it. Another method is to use a piece of paper or string wrapped around her finger and make a mark where it crosses. 

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