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This Great Soap Can Help You Save a Lot of Money And is Great For Your Skin!

October 31, 2016

This Great Soap Can Help You Save a Lot of Money And is Great For Your Skin!

This soap can save you a lot of money! It is super versatile! My favorite is the tea tree soap! If you have sensitive skin it works wonders! A lot of the soap we use these days has chemicals or antibiotics in it that can throw off you skins natural balance. I have found that by using more natural soaps on my skin and around the home that it seems to help get rid of acne or skin problems. I used to have horrible sores on my scalp and very bad dandruff. Since I started using soaps that are all natural ingredients all those things went away!  The best thing about this soap is that it comes in a concentrated bottle and it is meant to be diluted with water so what I love to do is mix it with other scents until you get one you really love!  Another super great thing about these soaps is that you can use them for so many things! 

  • Shampoo: For shampoo you will want about a half and half ratio of dilution. 
  • face wash; I love the tea tree soap for a face wash it seems to help keep away acne and cleans off makeup wonderfully! Using a half and half ratio works great for this too!
  • body wash: I can give one warning on this don't forget to dilute if you are using the peppermint version! It can get a bit hot on sensitive parts! Half and half or even more! I do love the peppermint for morning showers though! I always feel like the smell helps to wake me up! 
  • hand soap
  • dish soap
  • bath soap
  • baby soap; For baby you may want to avoid using peppermint and experiment with the amount of dilution. You will probably want to use a more diluted concentration than you would for an adult. 
  • shaving cream; 1Tbsp Dr. Bronners Tea Tree soap concentrated, about 12 drops of Almond oil and 1Tbsp of water
  • laundry 1/3 of a cup and a few shakes of borax or washing soda
  • cleaning around the house 1/2 cup to 1 gallon
  • windows 1tbsp to 1 cup vinegar
  • fruit or vegetable rinse
  • dog wash
  • plant spray with cayenne or cinnamon 
  • ant spray 1/4 cup to 1 quart water of tea tree



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