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Ideas For Choosing a Gemstone for Your Jewelry

November 15, 2017


There are a number of different things you may want to consider when choosing a gemstone for your jewelry piece. Besides just picking a color you like or a birthstone.

  • Color
Color might be one of the biggest deciding factors in choosing a gemstone, however there are many gemstones available in some colors and your final choice may not be from color alone when you learn about the options available. 
  • Hardness
Hardness is very important to your choice of gemstone. One of the things that you may want to consider is how you plan to wear this piece of jewelry. If you plan to wear it every day or you are planning to wear it on a higher wear part of the body. 
  • Toughness
Toughness is a little different than hardness some stones are not as hard but are tough or some are not as tough but are pretty hard. I look at this one more like breakability rather than surface hardness.
  • Size
Size can be a big part of your choice of gemstone! Sometimes size matters, right girls!
  • Shape
Shape definately matters but this may be a big part of the design of your jewelry piece so you definately want to consider this in your choice!
  • Sparkle
The sparkle may be something you want to consider especially if choosing and engagement ring stone. However sparkle can make a big difference to the price as well. 
  • Clarity
Clarity is tied to the amount of sparkle and a big variant to price. 
  • Grade
The grade of colored a gemstone is often a bit different than the grade of a diamond. For most colored stones the grade scale is A, B, or C and sometimes they use AA or AAA as well. Often times these are related to color and clarity but can vary some between gemstone varieties.

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